On June 12, 2010, Fujian Provincial Party Committee Secretary Sun Chunlan and Provincial Governor Huang Xiaojing led the five provincial leading groups and all provincial and municipal party and government leaders of the province, and heads of provincial departments concerned visited our company to inspect and guide Xin Sen. The chairman of the carbon industry accompanied the entire process.

  In the production workshop with world-class activated carbon equipment, Secretary Sun Chunlan listened to the report of the chairman on the development history and future development plans of our company. The secretary inquired about the company's operating status, channel expansion, product development, etc. The rapid growth process, strategic goals of science and technology, and measures that have outstanding effects on energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection have been fully affirmed.

  According to the chairman of Xinsen Carbon, Xinsen Carbon continues to implement the boutique strategy for activated carbon and will build a world-class automotive carbon and super capacitor activated carbon boutique base. The products strive for high technology content and are synchronized with the United States and Japan's carbon giant technology, and are internationally advanced and leading domestically. At the same time, China will establish a research and development base for new technologies and new technologies for carbon materials in China, and build a world-class air purification carbon production base.